Friday, April 18, 2008

The Dumbest Thing a Student Has Said to Me this Week

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, I hereby present you with the inauguration of a currently planned weekly installment I'm calling, "The Dumbest Thing a Student Has Said to Me this Week."

I currently am employed as a substitute teacher at two schools, and each week I find that I have at least one encounter with a student who says something stupid. So I figure it's probably best to make fun of them. Of course, no names will be given.

Thing is, the simple fact of the matter is that students say dumb stuff all the time. There are, in fact, dumb questions, and we all know it. There are also dumb comments. It's time to let the world hear them. Note that my idea for a weekly installment is much less edifying and much more condescending than Jenny's "Wesley Wednesdays."

So without further delay, the dumbest thing a student has said to me this week:

After pestering me for days about why I don't like such sweet metal bands as Pantera and Korn and my consistent testimony that I in fact don't like metal in general, one student asked me if I like Led Zeppelin...

Me: "Yeah, I like Led Zeppelin, mostly their early blues rock stuff."
Student: "Oh, well there's a metal band you like! Led Zeppelin is totally metal."

And that, dear blog reader, is the dumbest thing a student has said to me this week.


Jenny said...

This is a great idea. It may be snarkier than Wesley Wednesdays, but I'm sure it will be far less shallow and food obsessed than Swell Saturdays.

Hey, maybe you could even call it Stupid Students. Or Fallacious Freshmen. Or Asinine Adolescents.

Incidentally, my junior high girls labeled Sufjan Stevens as "weird country music."

Carrie Marie said...

I love how everyone goes through the phase where Led is he hasn't been cool already.

At that point in my life, I went in the garage and rummaged through all of my dads old vinyls, pulled those beauties out and showed them off in front of all my friends (mostly boys). I listened to them for days, memorizing all the lyrics, even learning a little bit of stairway on my guitar.

Eventually it passed..and then came Nirvana...Sublime...Bob Marley...etc.

This past Easter I went home to find my 17 year old sister also obsessed with Led...of course I exclaimed to her, "Oh, you don't even know! You don't even know Led!"

Then, sitting back and realizing that I didn't even "really know" either. Dang.

diggs said...

I think led is metal even if it's spelled wrong.