Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Don't Scratch. Just Tear.

Ian Clausen, a good friend of Britt's and now one of my friends, is a Ph. D. student at Edinborough studying with Oliver O'Donovan. He also is a godly guy who wrote a great reflection on the weight of sin and our need to absolutely run from it. Here's an excerpt (NB: the reference to "promises" in the second and third lines refers to the promises that sin makes but does not follow through on- the empty promises of sin):
‘How can a young man keep his way pure?’ (Ps. 119.9) Eyes fixed on true things do not suffer illusions. Whence derives the source of the promises we trust? What is the quality of those promises for which we hope? I know God; I love Jesus; I have the Holy Spirit; and still, I suffer to give the shadows of this world a voice. Feel those sinister sensations flow through the veins: melt slowly into the dream, slide deeper into the illusion, lunge faster toward the apparitions, clutch tighter onto the incorporeal, empty atmosphere. Wake up to a nightmare, a mirror producing an image the sight of which you can hardly recognize. The next move is the last: full turn away, the darkness whispering the promise again, we inclining in its endless, aimless direction. We grasp at shadows, and lose our souls.
Read the whole thing.

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