Monday, March 2, 2009

The Tyrannical Communist vs. the Homophobe - An Internal Battle?

Today I was reading at a Starbucks in Orange (South Orange County, CA) when I saw a college age-ish hipster come in with his longboard, trendy jacket, skinny jeans and of course, messenger bag.

Not that there's anything wrong with messenger bags- I had mine right next to me. But this guy not only had a "Prop H8" sticker on his longboard, but a rainbow ribbon and a bunch of buttons pinned to his messenger bag, two of which read, "People who believe in hell deserve it" and "Boycott homophobia."

The funny thing about it: his messenger bag was a Mao bag. That is, it had a big red Chinese communist star smack in the middle of the otherwise plain beige canvas bag.

As if communist systems like that one didn't oppress homosexuals probably more violently than the vast majority of folks who voted yes on Prop 8. My guess is that he wears the Mao bag just because it is funny or a cool bag. Either way, it was a hilariously ignorant walking contradiction.

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Carrie said...

ha. the other day i saw a bumper sticker that reminded of this hipster you speak of... it went something like this: