Wednesday, May 6, 2009

The End of a Silent Month and My Wife's Blog

Most of you who read this blog do so because you are either (a) already friends of mine, (b) read Christians in Context and followed my link to it from there, or (c) already friends of mine who read Christians in Context.

Therefore, you know that I got married in the beginning of April. You also know that my wife started a blog all-too-cleverly titled, "Penny for your Watts". So before I say anything else, stop what you are doing and add it to your RSS feed. Seriously. Britt is witty, articulate, and has good things to say.

One reason she has good things to say is her internal makeup: she is brilliant and godly. But the other reason is her occupation. Britt is a high school Spanish teacher in Watts, CA. Watts, for those who weren't sure, is famous for hosting the "Watts Riots" some time ago. Not exactly a glowing reputation. It's the ghetto. South Central. A place that rappers talk about...

At this moment I ask you to take a look at the picture to your right. Note that Britt is a young, attractive white woman. Teaching Spanish. In the ghetto. It makes for all kinds of fun.

A snippet from her most recent post that I loved (but then, I could be biased...):
Never before in my entire life have I ever encountered a situation where disrespect is thrown about with such ease. As an educated adult in a room full of pubescent teenagers I do not expect bubbling adoration, but I would settle for common courtesy and not the "f" word every 5 seconds. I hate that respect is earned by fighting for it and then empathize with my kids who live this way day in and day out. No one bestows respect upon them unless they demand it. Demanding that respect usually looks like two fists swinging or a quick verbal lashing that cuts deeper than most punches. How do you teach a kid to give respect when all they've ever done is grudgingly give it to those who pull it from them? How do you convince them that the female standing in front of them may just have something worth hearing?
So all that to say, go read her blog.

In other news, now that the flurry of wedding bliss is over and I am settling into my new home with my wife, I plan on writing here a little more often. So in the off-chance that you care, you might occasionally have something to read here again.

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