Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The Consolation of a Super Hot Wife

Last night I got home 45 minutes or so after Britt. When we were talking about how our days were, she mentioned that she was really excited that she had picked up her copy of Boethius's The Consolation of Philosophy and spent some time going back over it (you know, cause she's already read it once). "It's soooo good" she said, and I think she was also just glad to take a few minutes out of the never-ending stream of lesson-planning, grading, and grad school homework to read something she enjoys.

If you are a single man and you are reading this, I know what you are thinking. "Andrew, how can I find a woman like this wife of yours? How can I find a woman who is not only smokin' hot wife whose pleasure-reading is Boethius, thereby only making her hotter?" I understand where you're coming from. In the first email she ever sent me, Britt off-handedly and non-pretentiously referenced her previous night's time spent with Pascal. Naturally, I spent the next week doing whatever I could to make sure she didn't get away from me.

Oh, and to answer your question about finding a woman like Britt, I only know one answer: pray.

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Rachael W said...

Don't tell anyone, but I think Britt and Emily are leagues smarter than me, or at least leagues more intellectual. Philosophy always made my mind bend like that spoon in "The Matrix."

P.S. I'm adding you to the list of people who can read my blog; an email invite is coming your way.