Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Maybe the Yankees Aren't So Bad After All

Everything evil in the world is embodied by the San Francisco Giants. If Satan cloned himself 24 times and the 25 of them formed a baseball team, they'd be the Giants.

Which means the Yankees aren't the worst thing to happen to sports, but they're pretty close. I suppose the Yankees would be like the team of demons just below Satan. Yeah, that's it.

Or maybe it isn't, at least occasionally. If you have any kind of a heart, you'll be forced to agree with me for just a few minutes when you read Rick Reilly's latest piece about what the Yankees did to bring a little fun to a bunch of kids who will develop deadly cancer if their skin comes into even the slightest contact with any UV rays (whether from the sun or fluorescent lights).

Pretty cool stuff.


Gregg said...

I can understand why you dont like the Giants. I mean, they arent even a California team. They moved here, from New York of all places...yuck. And their best player is a steroid user. And they had the biggest jerk of all time, Jeff Kent, on their team. Who could root for a team with all of that junk?

Andrew Faris said...

At least they're not still called the Brooklyn Dodgers, since they don't actually play in Brooklyn.

Johnnie said...

You're confusing "Cubs" with "Giants." But Giants are very close to Cubs in the demonic taxonomy, I'll give you that.

I was talking to a friend here in the OC the other a transplanted midwesterner, I root for both the Cards (lifelong fan) and Angels (they are close by, and as an American League team I don't have a conflict of interest...) but I was saying the real problem with being an Angels fan is that there isn't anyone to hate. The Rangers? The A's? The Mariners? Nah. Angels fans seem to hate the Red Sox, but that's just recent, and heck, there's no way to check the box scores daily and tally up the games behind/games needed to make up. So that's no fun.