Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Those Silly KJV-Onlyists

From an article titled "All Modern Bible Versions Are Corrupt!", arguing that the King James Version is the only Bible we should all be using because of its manuscript history:
Certainly the King James translators were the best scholars ever assembled to produce a translation that we can hold up today as our authoritative, trustworthy translation; but were those esteemed translators "inspired" in the biblical sense?Absolutely not!
I love the "Certainly" that starts it. "Well here's something we can all agree on!" Right.

This is kind of like when Mormon missionaries try to laugh with Christians about those crazy cultists, the Jehovah's Witnesses. "Can you believe those people and their weird Bible translation and knocking on doors two-by-two and all their strange eschatological views..." There's a definite human desire to not be perceived as a fringe group.

Same thing here though: "We don't believe the KJV is
inspired. Just that the translators were the best scholars ever assembled. Oh, and that all other Bible versions are because Satan is inspiring non-fundamentalists to corrupt the text by taking out all the references to the Trinity and the deity of Jesus."

Yeah, but you're not crazy.

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